You're likely to know when you're going into labour – the signs of labour but if you're unsure, make sure you talk to your midwife or doctor. There are danger signs during pregnancy when you should seek immediate medical help.

The first stage of labour happens when the neck of the womb (the cervix) stretches to let the baby out. Contractions start and the cervix slowly opens until it is 10 centimetres wide, ready for the baby to pass through. For first-time mothers this stage can last 6–36 hours.

The second stage of labour is when the pushing happens and your baby is born. This stage begins when the neck of the womb (cervix) is fully open and lasts until the birth of your baby. It can take 1–2 hours to push out your first baby.

The third stage of labour labour is when the whenua/afterbirth (placenta) comes out. 

Having a baby is the most natural thing in the world, but it’s different for every woman. Sometimes things don’t go as planned for the labour or you need help with the birth. Find out about inducing labour, pain relief, and help during birth. 

Placing your baby on your bare skin encourages baby to feed as soon as possible after the birth. Find out about starting breastfeeding – the first feeds.


Breast feeding Support.

Whanganui DHB Lactation consultants:

Kim Mawston

Margaret Colway

Monday-Friday 8am-4.30pm

021 246 8302

Plunket Whanganui - Home

Mother Lead Breastfeeding Support Group Whanganui - Home

Waking a Sleepy Newborn

Feeding the Non- Latching Baby: One Possible Approach

Fussy Baby Ideas


World Health Organisation : 10 Steps to successful breastfeeding


Safe Sleep

Hapai te Hauora website

Hapai, online training (60 minutes):

Online educational resources for distribution to Hapu mama and Whanau

Change for our Children website:

Baby Essentials, short course (15 minutes


WRHN website information around distribution of safe sleep spaces, availability and distribution process

Contact P&P Coordinator Angela Weekly for information about receiving a Pepipod or Wahakura


0800 123 010

Safe sleep online information suitable to share with whanau:

Baby Essentials, short course (15 minutes

Safe sleep for babies in COVID Times


Iwi /Maori Specific Information


Guiding Māori through the COVID19 Pandemic 2020

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutū

Covid19 help and advice for Maori

NZ Govt Covid 19 Website


Wahakura available via P&P Coordinator WRHN : Taranaki Hapu Wananga Muka Pito tie tutorial

Te Hau Ranga ora: Maori health service WDHB, referral available:

Haumoana Navigators can offer Whanau support when in delivery and postnatal ward, on call 24/7

Can be contacted via the hospital telephonist 063481234



COVID-19 - Information for pregnant women, and those who have recently given birth

Ministry of Health Information


Resources for Health Professionals MoH

Contains updated official information from the Ministry of Health with many topics addressed.


Mental Health

A Facebook page helping young New Zealanders recognise and understand depression and anxiety.


Worrying Effectively During Pregnancy

Postnatal Depression Factsheet

Brainwave Trust

The Idealisation of Motherhood