Whanganui Accident & Medical

Whanganui Accident & Medical Clinic (WAM) is a subsidiary company of Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN). It was established as a means to provide the Whanganui community and its visitors with access to urgent and afterhours care.


On arrival you will be seen by the receptionist who will gather information that is required at WAM.

Please inform the receptionist immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:
• Chest Pain
• Breathing Difficulties
• Allergic Reactions
• Bleeding


A triage nurse will assess you within a few minutes of your arrival to determine your medical priority. Depending on the severity of your symptoms you will be referred to one of the following services:
1. You will receive a service at WAM (a fee will apply and this fee will be applicable even if your condition changes and you are subsequently transferred to the emergency department).
2. You will be immediately transferred to the Emergency Department (no fee will apply).
3. You will be referred back to your general practice for treatment (no fee will apply, however, you may incur a fee at your general practice).


WAM is open from 8.00am to 9.00pm, every day of the year and provides the following services:
• WAM is the ACC preferred provider for injuries that occur, such as lacerations, fractures, sprains, eye injuries, etc.
• WAM runs a fracture clinic for management of fractures that do not need hospital referral.
• WAM provides services to patients who require urgent medical care, but cannot get into their general practice or to those who don’t have one locally.

As an urgent care clinic WAM differs from a general practice, in that it does not enroll patients or receive funding to provide the same range of services that patients receive at their general practice. If you are enrolled with a General Practitioner, you should seek non-urgent medical attention with that service.


As an urgent care clinic, WAM does not operate an appointment service. However, if follow-up appointments are necessary an appointment time may be issued. Patients that present at WAM are not seen in the order that they arrive. For safety reasons priority is given to patients that present with the highest medical risk and/or distress. This means that the less urgent your presentation is, the longer you may wait.


If the triage process results in your condition requiring treatment at WAM, you will either be returned to the waiting area or escorted to a consultation room.

WAM aims to keep waiting times to a minimum, but depending on the complexity and volumes of presenting patients, waiting times may become lengthy. Please feel free to ask our staff how long waiting times are expected to be, but be aware that this is subject to change.

As the clinic prioritises urgent presentations, on high volume days/times WAM may not be able to carry out non-urgent consultations, such as the provision of medical certificates and services to treat minor medical issues. During busy times you may be referred to your general practice or asked to return on another day.


To ensure continuity of care, your consultation notes will be sent to your usual GP if they are located within the Whanganui region.
• If you do not want your consultation notes sent to your General Practitioner, please inform the nurse or doctor that is providing your service.
• If you are not enrolled in a local general practice, you may request a copy of your clinical notes to take to your usual General Practitioner, please inform reception or medical staff of this request.


If tests are carried out during your visit, the results will be sent to your General Practitioner. If do not want your results sent to your General Practitioner, please notify the clinician who is providing your service. You will be contacted by our staff if your results require follow up.


WAM provides training opportunities for student nurses and medical interns. You may be asked if you are willing to have these students involved in your care. If you prefer not to be attended by a student, please let the student or another member of staff know.


WAM welcomes your feedback. If you would like to leave us your feedback you may do so by:
• Leaving feedback in the letter box attached to the interior wall of the main exit (on right as you are leaving)
• Discussing your feedback with any member of the WAM team
• Posting feedback to: Whanganui Accident and Medical Clinic, P O Box 677, Whanganui
• Emailing feedback to wam@wrhn.org.nz
• Phone the Service Manager on (06) 348 1263


Your rights as a patient are displayed in the waiting areas and in each consultation room. Take home resources regarding your rights are also available in these areas. If you are concerned that your rights have been breached, please feel free to discuss this with any member of staff or seek external support as below:
1. You may contact Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy on 0800 555 050. They are a consumer focused, independent and free support network for anyone receiving health and disability services.
2. You may write to or ring the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner, P O Box 1791, Auckland or phone 0800 112 233.


WAM is not part of the Whanganui Hospital services. It is a private, not-for-profit business, which is located on the hospital grounds. There are a range of charges for WAM services, which differ depending on a number of factors:
• Which general practice you are enrolled with
• The time and day that you present, e.g. afterhours or outside of normal business hours
• Your age
• Whether you hold a Community Services Card
• What service you receive at WAM – nurse, doctor, ACC, etc.

Fees are posted on this website and are displayed in the waiting area and at reception. Payment is required after you have seen the triage nurse who will determine the cost of the service that will be provided to you.

A $12.50 administration fee will be added to your account if you do not make payment before leaving WAM after your consultation.


WAM does not offer a repeat prescription service, please contact your general practice for this service.

Open hours: 
DayHours Open
Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 9:00pm
All Public holidays: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Practice Type: 
Practice Manager: 
Louise McFetridge
Contact details
Street Address: 
Heads Road
Postal Address: 
PO Box 677
06 348 1300
06 348 1299
Whanganui Accident & Medical