Draught Stopping

Doors and windows
  •  Check hinges and catches or latches - if they are loose, tighten them up
  •  If you get draughts from around door or window trims, check your hardware store for the right excluders to use
  •  For gaps under doors, you can fit draught excluders - check your hardware store for the right types to use
  •  Damaged rubber seals around aluminum joinery can easily be replaced
Chimneys and fireplaces
  •  Gaps around the chimney, where it goes through the ceiling - close the gap using a non-combustible sealant
  •  Unused fireplaces - block the chimney (a rubbish bag filled with shredded newspapers works well or you can buy inflatable bags to do the same job). Make sure it's very obvious, so that no one tries to light the fire with a blocked chimney